one, three or five e-cigarettes countertop display


Our new Stylish and neat way of putting one, three or five e-cigarettes out on display

The stand features a front lip which can have your branding printed onto it

Saves space on countertops and inside retail display units with a vape pen holder,

Features and benefits of an Acrylic E Cigarette Holder

An Acrylic E Cigarette Holder, also known as a vape holder, allows you to showcase your range of e-cigarettes and vape pens to your customers. The holder is multifunctional as it can hold cosmetics such as lip gloss, or even stationery pens as well as e-cigarettes. This particular holder comes with a front lip upon which you can also choose to add your company logo or you can fix on a price tag.

How many e-cigarettes can this hold ?

Our vape pen holder is available in various sizes, to take one, three or five e-cigarettes.

What size of vape pen can this hold ?

The semicircle in the base of the ecig stand is 14.9mm W x 7.5mm D and the space to rest the product in at the top is 19.5mm W x 10mm D. If you require a certain size, we are happy to fulfil bespoke requests.

What is the vape pen holder made from ?

The single and triple e cigarette holders are made from 2.8mm thick clear acrylic. The holder with five e-cigarette slots is made from 3mm thick clear acrylic. The clear finish of the vape pen holder ensures customers have full visibility and can fully see what you have on offer.

Where can I use the vape pen stand ?

The stands can be used on a countertop or they can be used inside display units. E-cigarette display stands are now often used in filling stations, supermarkets and in a wide range of designated e-cigarette stores.

Product Size W x H x D
Material =Single e-cigarette stand = 3.5cm x 9cm x 8.5cm Clear acrylic
Triple e-cigarette stand = 10.5cm x 9cm x 8.5cm
Clear acrylic
Five slot e-cigarette stand = 17.5cm x 9cm x 8.5cm
Clear acrylic


One E cig slot display, Three E cig slot display, Five E cig slot display


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