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Wall mounted Leaflet holder available in A4, A5, A6 & 1/3 of A4 sizes. Portrait orientation


Leaflet holder in various sizes, pre-drilled with fixing holes ready for wall mounting

A portrait wall mounted leaflet holder maximises the space in your business

Increase the visibility of your literature with a wall mounted leaflet dispenser.

Why buy a wall mounted leaflet holder ?

A leaflet holder will boost the visibility of promotional literature around any busines however they are particularly popular in receptions and waiting areas. The benefit of a wall mounted leaflet holder over a free-standing one is that it gives a tidy and professional appearance, maximizing space. Wall mounting also allows for leaflets to be displayed at eye level or in areas without counters, making your leaflets easy to spot and pick up.

The leaflet holders can be mounted using nails or adhesives. Choose to add a pack of six adhesive pads for each leaflet holder to your order using the drop down options.

What size leaflets will the single tier leaflet holder take ?

The single tier portrait leaflet holder is available in a range of sizes, including A5, A4 and 1/3 A4 (one third A4 = 9.9cm W x 21cm H). & A6

This portrait leaflet holder has a high quality 2mm styrene construction. Styrene is a lightweight alternative to our standard acrylic holders.

Our 1/3 A4, A5, A4 & A6 dispensers are packaged using biodegradable plastic bags, part of our efforts to reducing our impact on the environment. These bags are able to biodegrade within industrial composters without releasing harmful chemicals, as well as requiring less energy and producing less carbon dioxide during their production.


1/3 of A4, A4, A5, A6


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