4 of our In-Queue Merchandising Systems to boost impulse buys


Four of our In-Queue Merchandising Systems to boost impulse buys

Turn waiting time into extended shopping time

Fully customisable, choose from a mix of layouts and fittings.

What are the benefits of using in queue merchandising systems ?

An In-Queue Merchandising System can be placed at the point of sale to encourage impulse purchases from customers as they wait to pay. It is great for directing customers to the various different till points while also allowing them to continue shopping. With this choice of queue management, you can turn waiting time into extended shopping time. The kits include all necessary components to use them straightaway. The barrier post bases are flat to the floor for maximum safety.

What types of In-Queue Merchandising Systems are available ?

There is a range of options to choose from, dependent on what you require. The four tier stand with euro hooks is perfect for products with a hook tab, such as confectionery and small packet items. The newspaper stand is great for newspapers and magazines. The starter bay stand covers a wide choice of products due to its versatile design, including boxed confectionery. The system with hooks and a merchandising tub allows you to present hanging items as well as products without hanging tabs.

What does each kit include ?

The four tier stand with eurohooks comes complete with four tie bars, 20 euro hooks and 20 EPOS tags.

The four tier shelves stand comes complete with four quadrant shelves, supported by brackets and acrylic risers to keep your products in position.

The hooks and merchandising tub stand comes complete with 10 eurohooks, 10 EPOS tags and one PETG merchandising bin.

The newspaper stand comes complete with two PETG shelves and removable dividers.

Can the system be extended ?

Yes, extending the In-Queue Merchandising System is simple, to make the kit to your required size please look at our extension kits.Thanks to the versatile design, the system can also be displayed straight or angled.

Is the system double sided ?

It is easy to utilise your space and make the system double sided with our add-on kits. You can choose from hooks, extra shelves or another merchandising bin. Alongside our add-on kits, we also offer extras such as a merchandising bowl for small impulse buys and a poster holder to showcase your prices or promotions. Both of these products simply slot into the barrier posts.

What are the dimensions ?

The In-Queue Merchandising Systems are all one metre wide by one metre high.


Four Tier shelves, Four Tier stand with eurohooks, Hooks & merchandising tub stand, Newspaper stand


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