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Menu Holder Power Bank Docking Station


Our new Menu Holder Power Bank Docking Station charges up to four menu holders at once,
The Multiple device charging station saves your business time and effort,
Price €78.99 + vat
How do I use this unit for menu holder power bank charging ?
The Power Bank Docking Station is mains powered and simply plugs into a wall socket. You then place your compatible menu holder power banks onto the base, so that they fit into place over the prongs.
What can I charge using the Menu Holder Power Bank Docking Station ?
This docking station is only compatible with our Menu Power Bank and Menu Holder with USB Charging Points.
How many menu holders can the docking charging station charge ?
If you have several menu holders to charge, this multiple device charging station allows you to charge up to four menu holders at once. This useful feature saves your business the time and effort of charging your menu holders separately, so there ready for use the next working shift.
Docking station size W x H x D 17cm x 5cm x 44.5cm
Number of charging docks 4
Colour Black
Mains powered ? Yes


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