Kensington Locking Cable


What is the Kensington Locking Cable used for ?
The Kensington Locking Cable is used to secure your menu holder power banks so that they cannot be taken out of the vicinity that they are locked in which, in this case of this cable, is a 1 metre radius.
Why do I need a locking cable ?
The benefit of using a security cable lock such as this, is to prevent your valuable items from being lost or stolen from public areas. This cable is 1 metre long, which makes it suitable for securing your menu holders to tables or bars in your restaurant or cafe.
How do I operate the Kensington Cable ?
One end of the locking cable is hooped, so you can loop it through an appropriate anchor point, such as a table stand, fixed chair leg or other immobile, heavy object. The other end of the locking cable fits into a Kensington lock port, which is located on the side of your menu holder. The security cable lock comes with a key, which allows you to lock this end of the cable into place.
Security features Kensington lock port
Cable length 1 meter
Keys supplied 2 keys


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