Box of 20 Faux Leather A4 Menu Covers


What are the benefits of this box of faux leather menu covers ?
This box set of 20 faux leather menu covers is the most cost-effective way to buy menu covers for your pub, bar or restaurant and comes with a stylish display box for storage.
These stylish black faux leather menu covers have a premium feel and are made from two textured synthetic leather materials with contrasting beige stitching and gloss menu lettering. They’re scratch resistant, wipe clean easily and look modern and professional.
What size are the menu covers ?
Each faux leather menu cover is fitted with replaceable clear plastic menu sleeves and can hold up to four sheets of A4 paper. We do sell additional menu covers separately if you need any extras just email snapframeseurope@gmail.com
Paper size = A4
Orientation = Portrait
Colour = Black
Quantity = 20 menu covers
Material = Faux leather
Stitching = Beige
Capacity = 4 x A4 sheets
Replaceable pockets = Yes
Easy clean surface =Yes
Menu cover weight = 300g
Menu cover height = 340mm
Menu cover width = 246mm
Menu cover thickness = 4mm
Storage box width = 352mm
Storage box height = 279mm
Storage box depth = 197mm
Total weight = 8.2kg


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