Low-cost FLAT-PACK sneeze screen available in two sizes


What is a Flat Pack Sneeze Screen ?

This low-cost sneeze screen is designed to be placed between the customer and the cashier to help keep them both safer when at the checkout. This sneeze guard is supplied as a self-assembly flat-pack kit and is made from crystal clear Perspex acrylic (large) or PETG (small), with rounded edges for extra safety.

How big is this sneeze screen ?

This sneeze screen is available in two sizes, each featuring a slightly different design. The largest acrylic sneeze screen is 900mm x 750mm and has a 300mm x 150mm port in the front to let you take cash payments or pass the customer a handheld chip and pin card terminal. The smaller PETG version measures 650mm x 800mm. Both can be folded away when not in use. Other sizes can be made to measure.

How do I install this hygienic sneeze guard ?

The Flat Pack Sneeze Screen can be assembled as a freestanding unit using the two slotted legs provided. The larger model can be permanently secured in place with adhesive foam pads, strong adhesive tape, or screwed down using the pre-drilled 5mm holes in the base feet, while the smaller version is purely freestanding and cannot be fixed.

How do I clean the sneeze screen ?

Please be aware that the screens need to be cleaned using warm soapy water or Anti Static Display Cleaner


650mm x 800mm, 900mm x 750mm


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