Hanging Acrylic Sneeze Screen 600mm wide x 750mm high


Hanging perspex sneeze screen to suspend in front of cashiers 750mm high X 600mm wide,

Help protect staff and customers from infection,

Fit a Perspex screen from crystal clear acrylic with aluminium fixings.


Where can I use a Hanging Perspex Sneeze Screen ?

Our Hanging Perspex Sneeze Screen is designed to be suspended between the customer and cashier at the checkout to help protect them from infections spread by coughs and sneezes. This hanging perspex sneeze screen takes up less space than a counterstanding screen and is much less obtrusive. It comes with smart aluminium fixings and includes a cutout to allow customers to pay using a card reader or other method.

How do I install this hanging Perspex screen ?

This hanging Perspex screen is supplied with four stylish anodised aluminium fixings and two suspension wires. Simply attach the ceiling suspension fixings and steel wire to the ceiling and attach the grips to the top of the sneeze screen. For a more robust fixing, the Hanging Acrylic Perspex Screen also comes with two aluminium fixings which can be screwed into the counter and attached to the bottom of the screen to stop it moving.

Height 750mm W. 600mm Payment cutout size 155mm H x 300mm W
Frame material Clear 2mm high impact acrylic
Fixing material Anodised aluminium
Ceiling fixings 2 x Ceiling to Sign Cables with Fixings Base fixings 2 x Acrylic Sign Standoffs Edge Grip Suspension cable length 2.5m



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