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Sneeze Screen desk divider 1000mm or 650mm wide x 750mm high


Our new Sneeze Screen is available in two sizes with a choice of edge or mid-edge table clamps,
This desk divider screen is ideal for use in retail and office environments,
The desk screen can sit either across the centre or along the edge of your counter or table
What is the Sneeze Guard Screen used for ?
This desk divider screen kit is designed to protect workers within office and retail environments, by forming a safe barrier between people to prevent the spread of infections carried in aerosol droplets. These kits are very simple to install in your workplace and can be moved around easily if required.
Each screen comes complete with a choice of clamp that allows you to fix the screens to your countertops. Mid-edge clamps allow you to fix your screen so that it runs across a countertop, while the edge clamps hold your screens across a table edge.
Where can I use these protective screens ?
The screens are ideal for installing in front of the checkouts or help desks within retail and service environments, as well as being useful for creating defined workspaces for office employees.
How do I attach the desk screen to my tabletop ?
Each desk screen comes with a pair of either edge or mid-edge table clamps. Both types of clamps can attach to table edges between 6mm to 40mm thick. Once you have fixed your clamps to the table edge, your screens simply slide into the grooves on the top of the clamps and require no extra fixings to secure. Each clamp has soft pads that softens the grip, which protects your table edges from scuffs.
What size are the Sneeze Guard Screens ?
The retail and office screens are 750mm tall and come in two widths: 650mm or 1000mm. They are both made from 5mm thick, clear acrylic and come flat-packed alongside your chosen pair of table clamps.

1000mm x 750mm, 650mm x 750mm


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