Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser for wall mounting,


Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser for wall mounting,
Help keep staff and customers safer and control the spread of disease,
No touch hand sanitiser dispenser design for improved hygiene in the workplace,
Price was €68.99

Price now €51.99

Why use a Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser ?
Promote hygiene and reduce the spread of infection around your place of business with this Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser. With a 1l capacity, this cost-effective touch-free dispenser is more hygienic to use than pump action hand sanitiser dispensers thanks to clever sensors that detect when your hands are beneath and dispense the sanitiser without the need to touch the unit. There is no need to provide a sink, water, or paper towels, allowing the dispensers to be used almost anywhere.
Does the automatic sanitiser dispenser come with hand sanitiser ?
This wall mounted hand sanitiser dispenser is supplied with 1l gel hand sanitiser. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser rubs into the skin leaving dry hands, making it a great waterless hand cleaner that promotes effective hand hygiene practices. This dispenser can only hold sanitiser gel, not liquid.
How do I install this touch-free dispenser ?
This unit is supplied with both a pack of four adhesive foam pads and a surface cleaning wipe, for the quickest and easiest installation option, as well as some screws for screwing the unit to the wall for a more permanent fixing.


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