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Sale Sign Inserts For Advertising Promotions


A6 Price €2.43 five pack
A5 Price €2.69 five pack
A4 Price €2.97 five pack
Make sure your sale stands out with this bright red poster
White space is ideal for writing your price in
Where can I use a Sale Sign Insert ?
A Sale Sign Insert is perfect for making sure your promotions stand out. This sale sign is in bright red and features white space to write your sale price in. This insert works great with a variety of Point of Sale displays including counter top poster holders and snap frames. However, it can also be used by itself by attaching it to your shelves.
How many sale sign inserts are in each pack ?
The Sale Sign Inserts come in packs of five and they are available in various sizes. A4 A5 A6
What is the sale sign made from ?
The Sale Sign Insert is manufactured from polypropylene, with a classic red and white finish to promote your sale.

A4, A5, A6


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