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Counter standing Oval Base Poster Holder available in A4 & A5


Counter standing Oval Base Poster Holder for posters, photos and promotions, available in A5 & A4 sizes

Double sided clear Supervue acrylic so you can display two posters at once

The chunky 5mm oval base adds a modern touch.

Features and benefits of an Oval Base Acrylic Poster Holder

This Oval Base Acrylic Poster Holder is a unique and stylish way to display graphics or information around your business. The double sided display is finished with the thick base to make your display stand out. Ideal for retailers, spas, hairdressers, hotels, restaurants and many more industries.

What is the unit made of ?

Each size counter standing poster holder is manufactured with two 2mm Supervue acrylic panels to secure your poster in place and is finished with a diamond polished 5mm acrylic base. Simply peel off the blue protective film to reveal your clear polished acrylic.

How do I update my graphics ?

Both sides of the acrylic sign holder are open, meaning you can slide your graphic in and out in seconds. However, for a smoother transition, we recommend removing the base to allow the panels to open a little more.

Are other sizes available ?

Yes, if the size you want isn’t available above, simply contact Paul to request your custom size.
Please see photo gallery for specifications


A4, A5


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