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Wall mounted touchscreen digital signage for interactive digital advertising


Our Wall mounted touchscreen digital signage for interactive digital advertising

Engage visitors with an HD LCD panel with a digital touchscreen display

Touchscreen digital signage gives any business an exciting and modern feel

32″ €2,029.00
43″ €2,511.78

Why use Touchscreen Digital Signage with Android ?

Our brand new Touchscreen Digital Advertising Screen with Android is a dynamic display that will immediately grab the attention of visitors and passersby. The touchscreen capability allows for customers, visitors and staff to interact with the digital display screen and it provides endless advertising and engagement opportunities.

Research has shown that customers are more likely to show interest in signage and advertising that uses moving images, sound and colour than they are with standard static images. This interest increases when the customer, or even a staff member, actively engages with the display. Active participation makes customers and guests feel involved and this will help your message or branding to stick out in their minds.

How do I use the Touchscreen Digital Signage ?

This premium wall mounted digital touchscreen display features an Android operating system, allowing users to install their own apps by downloading them from Google Play. POS applications are not included with the screen, however, users can install or download their own apps or web pages. Users can transfer their media files from a USB using Android file manager to present images and video or even display web pages with which customers can interact via the touchscreen.

Due to its touchscreen capability, this digital advertising screen does not require the use of a mouse, and you could even choose to install your own Android-based POS applications for browsing and ordering. Touchscreen digital signage is proven to grab customer attention and engage them more than non-interactive, non-digital signage.

Where could the digital display screen be used ?

This premium digital poster screen is ideal for use in a variety of businesses and industries, from retail to leisure to hospitality. When used with compatible Android applications, our large touch screen displays can be used in the same way that many businesses use a tablet to engage customers. This wall-mounted version is ideal for saving on floor space, and we recommend installing it in areas with both high footfall and enough space for customers to stop and interact.

What are the potential uses for this Touchscreen Digital Signage ?

When used with your choice of appropriate applications, possible uses for a digital poster include displaying your company website and/or catalogue for customers to browse on-site, showing signup sheets to engage customers and visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, as a wayfinder for displaying floor plans (for example in a museum or shopping centre), or even as a bespoke product selector, for example in car showrooms so that customers can select between product attributes such as vehicle colour or size.

The convenience of being able to display your website, catalogue or promotions at the point of sale is that visitors are engaged and persuaded by the signage while surrounded by your products and services. This makes forming an opinion on the company and making a purchase decision easy for your customers.


32", 43"


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