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Our LED Cable Kit Window Display with illuminated poster pockets is available in 4 different sizes


Our new LED Cable Kit Window Display with illuminated poster pockets is available in 4 different sizes.

Easy to install, double sided and can be used portrait and landscape

Magnetic opening makes changing posters quick and easy.

Landscape or Portrait fitting,

A4. 1 pocket kit €135.55
A4. 2 pocket kit €211.70
A4. 3 pocket kit €287.78
A4. 4 pocket kit €363.90
A3. 1 pocket kit €172.05
A3. 2 pocket kit €287.88
A3. 3 pocket kit €394.29
A3. 4 pocket kit €514.55
A2. 1 pocket kit €289.21
A2. 2 pocket kit €535.80
A1. 1 pocket kit €403.37
A1. 2 pocket kit €677.32
Features and benefits of an LED Cable Kit Window Display
An LED Window Display is a fantastic way to bring an illuminated display into your business to not only attract attention, but to also create a professional, clean and bright display. By introducing a Cable Display Kit, you can rest assured that your graphics, posters or adverts can always be seen, day or night. This kit is also very easy to install. Unlike a standard window poster display, our LED window display is considerably brighter, this is exceptionally striking and is more likely to draw customers to your Business
Where can I use an illuminated display kit ?
An LED window display cable kit works well in a range of businesses, from hospitality to leisure. However, these are particularly great for estate agents’ window displays and interiors. If you have lots of information and images to display, such as in property ads, it is essential that this is done clearly and professionally.
How do the light panels work ?
The kits are mains powered and built with energy efficient LED lights that create an even distribution of light across your graphic. The double sided 14mm thick bevelled edge also means the light is reflected, creating an extra bright appearance on the light panels. The panels are built with a silver magnetic strip that holds your advertisement in place.
What is the LED Window Display made from ?
These kits are manufactured in superior quality laser cut crystal clear acrylic with diamond polished edges for a professional finish. A silver inner border is added to neatly frame your display and the side clamps are silver anodised for a satin finish.
What is included in the kit ?
The kit includes: Two 4 meter steel floor to ceiling cables (which can be cut to your required length with wire cutters), 1, 3 or 4 acrylic panels with 4 side clamps per panel, fixings, Allen key, and one low voltage 12 volt transformer with a 1.8 meter wire.
Can the panels be displayed both portrait and landscape ?
Yes, you do not have to choose an orientation at your point of order as all of these panels can be hung in either portrait or landscape to your preference. It is easy to change the poster by simply pulling forward the silver magnetic opening, taking out your current graphic and sliding in your new replacement.
Can I print on any paper ?
Yes, you can use standard paper in your illuminated display but we recommend for best results always using Duratrans or backlit paper as this works better with LEDs. We suppy Duratrans backlit paper also.

A1, A2, A3, A4


1 Pocket Kit, 2 Pockets Kit, 3 Pockets Kit, 4 Pockets Kit


Portrait, Landscape


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