Satin anodised Cable for floor to ceiling cable kits


Features and benefits of a Floor to Ceiling Cable with Fixings
Our Floor to Ceiling Cable with Fixings is a stylish, sleek way to hang any sign from floor to ceiling. It is streamlined for discreet hanging so the customer’s attention is not distracted by obtrusive fixings and are designed for use with our cable display kits.
How do I adjust the cable display ?
A suitable allen key is included with your order, along with instructions, so that if necessary you can make any adjustments you need to your cable.
Is the cable suitable for use with suspended ceilings ?
This type of fitting is designed for standard ceilings and is not compatible with suspended ceilings. The maximum hold of the wire cable will depend on your ceiling. If you are unsure if your ceiling will be suitable, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for further guidance.
Cable length = 4m
Cable diameter = 1.5mm steel
Cable material = Steel
Fixing material = Satin anodised aluminium
Fixings supplied = Allen key
Suits product = Cable display kits


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