Single sided vertical grip 10mm & 16mm


What is this single sided vertical grip used for ?
The single sided vertical grip is designed to hold poster panels in your window cable display. Cable displays are a highly eye catching and modern form of window display that is particularly popular among estate agents, chemists, shops, hairdressers and hotels. The vertical grip is designed in a satin anodised silver finish which gives a premium quality appearance to your window display.
What is the difference between single sided and double sided vertical grips ?
A single sided vertical grip can be used around the edges of cable displays, to grip the poster panel to the cable. Double sided vertical grips are for use in the middle of the cable display, gripping two cables at once.
What size acrylic poster panels can the vertical grips hold ?
The vertical grip is available in two different sizes to suit different thicknesses of poster panels. The small grip suits material 1mm – 4mm thick and the large grip will hold panels 3mm – 7mm thick.
Please see photo gallery for specifications

10mm, 16mm


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