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Revolving whiteboard on wheels with brakes.


Revolving whiteboard on wheels with brakes.

1800mm x 1200mm
6ft x 4ft

*Double sided laminate board

*Rotates horizontally


Lightweight, double-sided whiteboard with a drywipe, laminate surface and a mobile floor stand with two standard and two braked castors.

€449.00 + vat

These revolving, double-sided whiteboards have a drywipe laminate surface that is plain on one side and has a guideline grid printed on the reverse. If you’ve run out of space don’t but want to erase your work just yet you can simply rotate the board on its horizontal axis, lock it back in place and use the other side, it’s also helpful for preparing presentations in advance, allowing you to keep contents hidden from your audience until the right moment. The lightweight yet sturdy whiteboards have steel cross bars to help keep the frame rigid and also house the pen tray supplied. The boards are fitted with a mobile floor stand with four castor wheels, two of which are braked, so they can be moved easily when necessary but stand still when in use.

A mobile whiteboard is the perfect solution if you often have meetings or training sessions in different rooms in your office. It is also a helpful tool to have in classrooms and hotel conference rooms, giving you the flexibility to use it as and when you want.

Height: 1200mm
Width: 1800mm
Depth: 650mm
Stand colour: White
Framework material: Steel
Writing surface material: Laminate
Weight: 32 kg
Assembly: Delivered unassembled

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