Replacement Tagging Gun Needles supplied in packs of five


Replacement Tagging Gun Needles supplied in packs of five
Quick and easy way to label products for retail
Standard tagging needles to suit most applications.
5 pack Price €12.00
What are Tagging Gun Needles for ?
Ensure that you always have spare tagging needles to hand to attach tags to products and complete your retail displays with our pack of five replacement Tagging Gun Needles. Tagging Gun Needles are for use with our tagging gun. Using a tagging gun and needles ensures your tagging process is smooth and effortless and it is also a quick and easy way to get many items tagged. A pricing tagging gun, aka a kimble gun, is an essential for all retailers.
How are the tagging needles supplied ?
The standard tagging needles are supplied in packs of five and have a diameter of 1.9mm.
How do I replace my tagging gun barbs ?
Turn the needle lock to release the old tagging gun needle. Insert one of the new tagging barbs with the slot on the needle lining up with the slot on the gun, and simply turn the needle lock to fix it in place. Test the tagging gun on an inconspicuous area first, pointing away from the body.
Pack quantity = 5
Material = Metal
Finish = Silver
Diameter = 1.9mm
Suits product =Tagging gun

5 pack Price €13.50


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