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Our new Clothes Rail Display Stand


Our new Clothes Rail Display Stand
*Clothes Rail Display Stand for retail with adjustable arms and feet
*Choose between straight and waterfall sloping arms to display your garments on
*Our retail clothing display racks are quick and easy to assemble yourself
Waterfall Sloping Arms
2 Sloping Arms €114.80
3 Sloping Arms €131.21
4 Sloping Arms €127.62
Straight Square Tube Arms
2 Square Tube Arms €131.55
3 Square Tube Arms €126.10
4 Square Tube Arms €120.99

Why do I need a Clothes Rail Display Stand ?
Hold large amounts of garments at each time in your retail store using the long arm projection of this Clothes Rail Display Stand. The two, three or four arm display options allow customers to walk all the way around your clothing rack and have great visibility of your products.

What is the difference between the straight arms and sloping waterfall arms ?
The straight arms sit at a 90° angle to the stand with an upturn on one end and a ball stop at the other end of each rail. The waterfall sloping arms project slightly downwards, but feature ten ball stops per arm to prevent your clothing from sliding down the rail.
The ball stops also are great for separating your product ranges by size or colour to make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for. The waterfall sloping arms are longer than the straight arms, with a projection of 45.7cm (18 inches) compared to 40.5cm (16 inches).

Are your retail clothing display racks height adjustable?
Yes, you can adjust the height of each arm independently using the notches within the steel tubes, which allow you to raise or lower the arms by three inches at a time from 48 inches up to 72 inches (122cm to 183cm). You are also able to adjust the feet of the display stand to ensure that it stands level on uneven surfaces.

How do I set up the Clothes Rail Display Stand?
The retail clothing display racks are supplied with screw in feet and connection bolts to make setting up your displays quick and easy.


2 Sloping Arms, 3 Sloping Arms, 4 Sloping Arms, 2 Square Tube Arms, 3 Square Tube Arms, 4 Square Tube Arms


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