Our new aluminium framed notice boards


Our new aluminium framed notice boards
2000mm x 1200mm are available in 3 different colours.
*Smooth felt surface
*Aluminium frame
*For thumbtacks and drawing pins
Gray was €183.52 + vat
Now  €153.03 + vat
Blue was €183.52 + vat
Now  €153.02 + vat
Black was €183.52 + vat
Now  €153.01+ vat
This Felt notice board Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It’s Supplied with screws for wall mounting.
Classic and versatile notice board made of a porous board with a smooth felt surface. Thumbtacks and drawing pins easily push into the felt surface, which is available in a selection of colours so you can match the board with the rest of the furnishings and décor.
The notice board has an anodised-aluminium frame with black plastic corners that conceal the wall fixings. Hang it next to your desk for personal use or use it to display and share information in communal areas – the possibilities are endless! You can choose for yourself if you want to mount the board horizontally or vertically.
Height: 1200 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Colour: Grey
Framework material: Aluminium
Cover material: Fabric
Weight: 9.4 kg

Black, Blue, Gray


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