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Premium Illuminated LED Open Sign in Oval or Rectangle design

Original price was: €93.19.Current price is: €64.80.

Our new Premium Illuminated LED open sign will attract customers to your shop, bar, takeaway or restaurant,
Oval price €64.80 + vat
Rectangular (not available right now)
Retro design neon open sign with low energy, environmentally friendly LEDs,
Brightly coloured, realistic neon design adds a premium feel, available in two styles,
Does my business need an LED Open Sign ?
An illuminated open sign will make your business stand out against the competition by alerting customers that you are open, thereby increasing your footfall and revenue. The retro style neon effect LED lights add a premium feel, and they are perfect for use by a wide variety of businesses including shops, bars, takeaways, Restaurants and casinos
Where should I use a neon open sign ?
An LED open sign is a great choice if you are on a busy high street or in a secluded area. They are ideal for businesses which are open after dark as the blue and red LED lights can be spotted by potential customers even from far away. Place a neon sign in a prominent window position or use as interior wall decor for added atmosphere.
Is this neon effect LED Open Sign energy efficient ?
Nowadays, businesses and consumers are turning away from neon signs and embracing LED-lit signs. Our neon effect LED signs have all the benefits of real neon open signs, but are considered more cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Oval, Rectangular


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