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Lockable Poster Case with metal frame and high impact acrylic front panel.


Our new Lockable Poster Case with metal frame and high impact acrylic front panel in 7 different sizes.

Designed for outdoor use and are more secure than our snap frames.

A4 Black €53.76 + vat
A4 Silver €43.10 + vat
A3 Black €82.74 + vat
A3 Silver €58.23 + vat
A2 Black €85.91 + vat
A2 Silver €77.18 + vat
A1 Black €123.38 + vat
A1 Silver €107.75 + vat
A0 Black €197.71 + vat
A0 Silver €198.04 + vat
40″ x 60″ €231.53 + vat  Available in Silver only
20″ x 30″ €107.75 + vat  Available in Silver only

Why does my business need a Lockable Poster Case ?

It is the best way to be sure that your artwork is safe and protected at all times, thanks to tamper resistant features. These are great for both indoor and outdoor use, but particularly for outside displays, as you won’t need to worry about the display being removed or defaced when unattended. This poster display case would be great for indoor or outdoor public areas, retail stores, offices, service stations, hotels, spas and many more businesses.

How thick is the frame profile ?

The frame profile is 45mm thick and 30mm deep, which is one of our largest frame sizes so it will bring stability and durability to your display.

How is my display protected ?

Not only is your poster protected from vandalism with the lock system, but the 2mm thick high impact resistant acrylic front panel will stop your frame from being destroyed. Your display is also kept securely in place with edge clips.

How do I update my display ?

Once you have unlocked the frame, your new poster can simply be placed into the clear plastic edges within the frame to secure it in place and then close and lock it. The built in arm will keep the door propped open, allowing you two free hands to change the display.

How do I mount the product to my wall ?

The case comes pre-drilled with fixing holes that can be drilled through for easy mounting. As long as you have a strong surface that can take screws, you will be able to mount it easily. We recommend that you mount the case in a portrait orientation, as it will be easier for you to prop the door open to change your displays.

What style of paper should I use in the frame ?

We always recommend printing onto polypropylene or another waterproof based paper. Ordinary paper soaks up damp and becomes creased and discoloured, leaving an unprofessional image. Waterproof paper will keep your poster looking its best come rain or shine. Check out our waterproof vinyls at


Is the frame watertight ?

As the frame can be opened to replace posters, it is not sealed at all edges and cannot be watertight, although it is water resistant and protects your poster from the rain and sleet.


A4 Black, A4 Silver, A3 Black, A3 Silver, A2 Black, A2 Silver, A1 Black, A1 Silver, A0 Black, A0 Silver, 40" x 60" Silver, 20" x 30" Silver


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