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LED Scrolling Sign with white LEDs available in 3 different sizes


Our new LED Scrolling Sign with white LEDs, for window display or wall hanging
A scrolling LED display is ideal for attracting business, even after nightfall,
A programmable LED sign gives you freedom over your promotional messages.
Available in 3 different sizes.
LED 1030mm x 230mm Price €394.50
LED 1350mm x 390mm Price €632.21
LED 1990mm x 390mm Price €851.60
What is an LED Scrolling Sign ?
A programmable LED sign is a great way to attract visitors into your business, display information or advertise promotions such as a sale. Using a scrolling LED display ensures your business stands out and displays clear, bright messages to visitors or potential customers, even at night.
Where should I install a scrolling LED display ?
An LED Scrolling Sign is a great choice for hanging in| windows to attract passing trade, particularly for businesses that are open at nighttime as the LEDs are particularly effective when used to illuminate dark areas. It is also suitable to be hung on walls or as part of merchandising displays. They are supplied with adjustable hanging rings which can be suspended using a chain in windows, against walls or from ceilings for convenient installation.
How is the LED Scrolling Sign programmed ?
The LED Scrolling Sign is supplied with a 1GB USB stick carrying the software required to program the scrolling LED display. You can set up your display messaging on a Windows PC or laptop using the USB stick and, when you are happy with your message set up, simply insert the USB into your sign and switch it on to see your scrolling message. It is also supplied with a CE certified power cable with a 3m length.
What can I display on my programmable LED sign ?
One of the benefits of using a programmable led sign around your business is the flexibility that it offers you. You can change the message whenever you want to, or reposition the sign in a different location as required. It is easy to use and adds a modern dynamic touch.


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