Gravity food dispenser is supplied with a bracket for wall mounting


Our new Gravity food dispenser is supplied with a bracket for wall mounting
Suitable to hold a wide range of products including sweets, grains and pasta
Join the zero-waste movement and appeal to the environmentally conscious.
What is a gravity bin ?
Gravity bins are part of our range of self serve food dispensers. They dispense from the bottom and are refillable from the top, ensuring a first in, first out style of dispensing. This is our new improved model, with a taller, slimmer design to save on wall space, and a robust construction. It has a rubber sealed lid for freshness, and an easy to remove label holder.
Why use a gravity food dispenser ?
A gravity bin food dispenser is ideal for use by a refill food shop like a classic weigh and save, however increasing amounts of high street retailers and supermarkets are now boasting these dispensers too.
If you are setting up a zero waste shop, you will need a convenient and food safe way to store products for your customers to dispense. Join the zero waste trend and appeal to environmentally conscious customers by promoting responsible retail practices with bulk food dispensers.
Is the gravity bin range food safe ?
Yes, each Gravity Food Dispenser is manufactured from clear PCTG which is food safe and BPA free. Each zero waste food dispenser is also dishwasher safe to 55°, making them easy to keep clean. An added benefit of using a gravity bin is that customers needn’t touch the food directly, as the units simply need their lever depressed to release goods, making it a great choice of hygienic food dispenser.
What options of gravity bin dispensers are there ?
This Gravity Dispenser is supplied complete with a bracket for easy wall mounting, to save on your countertop space. There is also a Gravity Food Dispenser available with a base if you would prefer a counter standing version.
For a different style of food dispenser for your zero waste refill shop, try our Scoop Bin Food Dispenser which allows customers to scoop up the products they need and empty into their own containers or paper bags.

6 litres, 10 litres, 13 litres


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