Freestanding Checkout Sneeze screen 1000mm wide x 750mm high


Our Freestanding Checkout Sneeze screen with clear window and front payment slot.
1,000mm wide x 750mm High,
Help keep staff and customers safer when using the checkout
Portable sneeze screen can be moved easily between checkouts
What is the Checkout Sneeze Guard with Window ?
This freestanding sneeze screen is designed to be placed at the checkout between the customer and the cashier to help prevent the spread of infection. Made from sturdy but lightweight Foamex, this Checkout Sneeze Guard includes a large window made from clear PVC and has a payment area large enough to take a card machine.
How do I install this sneeze screen ?
Our Checkout Sneeze Guard with Window is very quick and easy to assemble. It is provided as a flatpack kit and simply slots together. No tools are required, and as it’s entirely free-standing, it does not need to be screwed or stuck in place. It can easily be moved between tills and packs down flat when not in use.
Width 1000mm Height 750mm 250mm Window size 897mm x 500mm
Payment area size 155mm x 300mm
Foot size 150mm x 250mm
Frame material White 5mm Foamex
Feet material White 5mm Foamex
Window material Clear PVC
Flat pack kit Yes
Freestanding Yes
Please allow 5 working days for delivery.


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