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Our Wall Mounted Rod Poster Kit is available in 4 different sizes


Features and benefits of a Wall Mounted Rod Poster Kit
Rod poster kits are a great way to update your window display or to get creative with a blank wall. These are particularly popular with estate agents, Hairdresser’s, barbers, spa’s and restaurants as they are the ideal style for displaying both images and text that can be seen at all times. Rod kits are a more stable option to cable kits as they allow little movement thanks to the stainless steel rods.
What is the difference between a rod kit and a cable kit window display ?
The rod kit provides better support and a more stable display. As opposed to flexible cables, it is built with strong steel rods eliminating movement.
How are the posters changed ?
Updating your poster couldn’t be easier, simply slide your graphic in and out of the pocket opening. The pockets are clear so that you can either display a double sided poster or two posters back to back.
What is the orientation ?
The orientation is dependent on which option you select from the dropdown. The display holds either portrait pockets or landscape not both, and it is supplied pre-drilled making installation quick and easy.
Poster holder material = Clear PETG
Poster holder thickness = 2.8mm
Rod material = Stainless steel
Rod length = 1.5m
Fixings finish = Satin chrome
Single or double sided ? = Double
Fixings supplied ? = Yes
Fixing type = Wall mounted
Landscape or portrait ? = Both

A4 x 3 pockets Portrait, A3 x 2 pockets Portrait, A2 x 1 pocket Portrait, A1 x 1 pocket Portrait, A4 x 3 pockets Landscape, A3 x 2 pockets Landscape, A2 x 1 pocket Landscape, A1 x 1 pocket Landscape


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