FOOD PUSHER SYSTEMS. “totally adjustable width”


FOOD PUSHER SYSTEMS. “totally adjustable width”

7 COMPLETE ROWS 1200mm Wide X 450mm Deep for €58.31 + 23% Vat,

€8.33 per complete row, you can order as many or as little rows you need.

This Cool Product Pusher (14N) 3.14 lbs extends from 240mm to 450mm Deep to suit the vast majority of chilled cabinets or Shelves. Our new 14 Newton strength pusher connects to the robust Front & back rail & is suitable for pushing a vast array of regular-shaped pre-packed items such as, Sliced cheese, cooked meats, fish, etc the list is endless.

This 7 row kit includes :
1 x 1200mm front rail
1 x 1200mm back rail
8 x 140mm high dividers
7 x 14 Newton pushers
7 x pusher extensions
All for €58.31 + Vat


single row, 7 complete rows


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