Angled Data Strip displays offers at the perfect 20° angle,


Our new Angled Data Strip displays offers at the perfect 20° angle,
Designed to fit most shelves,
Available in 1245mm lengths and two different heights,
1245mm wide x 39mm high €3.99 + vat
1245mm wide x 52mm high €4.79 + vat
These can come in 2-meter lengths and can be cut to any size, please email us your enquiry
What is an Angled Data Strip used for ?
Display tickets, barcodes and price tags directly on your shelves using this Angled Data Strip. It is crucial that your offers and prices can be clearly read by customers browsing your store. The strip hangs at a 20 degree angle from the shelf to ensure optimum visibility, allowing your customers to get a clear view of your deals.
What material is this made of ?
The angled data strip is manufactured from white PVC as standard, however other colours will be available soon.
What size shelves will the data strip fix onto ?
Our angled data strip is designed to fit most shelves, you just screw on the clips provided, creating a stand out shelf edge display to promote your price, offer or brand.
What height is the shelf strip ?
The angled shelf strip has a height of 39mm or 52mm and has a length of 1245mm
Length = 1245mm or Can be cut to any length
Angle = 20°
Height = 39mm or 52mm
Pack quantity = 1
Material = PVC
Finish = White

1245mm wide x 39mm high, 1245mm wide x 52mm high


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