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Bentley Dustpan and Brush Set Lobby 26 x 25 x 90cm Black & White


Ergonomic and convenient to use, this handy set of dustpan and brush from Bentley will help you keep your surroundings clean.

Tired of kneeling and crouching while cleaning the floor? Then Bentley has a perfect solution for you. Thanks to this set of long-handled dustpan and brush you can avoid inconvenient movements and protect your back while cleaning, as you can remove the waste and dirt from the floor from standing position.
The 900 x 260 x250 mm (H x W x D) dustpan has a soft rubber lip to better fit the floor surface and make sweeping very effective, while it is swinging to prevent dirt from coming out while carrying to the bin. The handles of both the dustpan and the brush feature rubber easy-grip handles to make using the set even more comfortable.


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