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Beautiful Gift Hamper Basket


*High quality gift basket made of natural willow
*For filling with different products
*Ideal as a promotional gift
*Made of natural and renewable raw materials
Please see product description & specifications  below

Use the basket without contents to create unique gift baskets for customers and business partners. The willow basket can be individually filled with the products of your choice. This makes the gift basket exactly customizable for the occasion. Inside the basket, the products you have selected can be easily accommodated.

At Christmas, Easter or various other occasions, gift baskets are popular promotional gifts. The baskets are not only visually appealing, but can also be filled individually. This way you can choose the products for the basket yourself and tailor it exactly to the customer or the person to be given a gift. Fill the basket with a delicious wine and regional specialities or put together a theme basket.
With a filled gift basket you make not only gourmets a big joy. Gift baskets of any kind enjoy great popularity with different target groups. The basis of a successful gift basket is a high-quality woven basket. Our gift basket without contents is available in an oval shape and with an attractive carrying handle.
Material = split willow, natural lacquered, edge solid willow
Dimensions = 530mm x 320mm x 240mm


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