Shelf Management System Kit


Our Shelf Management System Kit will save your staff time keeping shelves tidy

Kit features all the components you require to create your own pusher system

Ideal for ensuring your products are front facing on the shelves at all times

Number of shelve rows
1 shelf row €9.75
2 shelf rows €16.04
3 shelf rows €22.13
4 shelf rows €30.19
5 shelf rows €36.47
6 shelf rows €42.77
7 shelf rows €49.06
8 shelf rows €55.35
9 shelf rows €61.66
10 shelf rows €67.94

Features and benefits of a Shelf Management System Kit

A shelf management system can be attached to your shelves to keep your products faced-up, saving you and your business time and keeping your store looking professional. Our kits offer you from 1 shelf row to 10 shelf rows.

What components are included with each spring loaded shelf management system ?

The Shelf Management System Kit includes the following components:

Right shelf divider

Central shelf divider

Left shelf divider

Guide rail

T rail

Push feed

The difference in each kit is the number of rows you can have in your shelf management system, allowing you to expand your shelving further or make it smaller.

How does the push feed for shelf management work ?

Place a T-rail at the front of your shelf

Slot the push feed onto the guide rail at the top end, and extend to 45cm max’

Clip the guide rail onto the T-rail

Slot on the left divider on the left side of the guide rail, followed by either a central divider or right shelf divider on the other side of the guide rail to keep it in place.

If you wish to add more rows, follow the above steps, however you would use a central divider between each track and use the right shelf divider at the end.

Once attached to the T-rail, you can simply slide each component into place depending on the width you require to hold your products.

What kind of products can you put in the spring loaded shelf ?

You can use the product pusher to hold a wide range of products such as e-liquids, cigarettes, cosmetics and packets of painkillers. For larger or wider goods, you can attach additional pushers to keep them in place between dividers. The table below has a list of the sort of products that are suitable for use with this kit due to their weights.

“Extra light” products Approx. weight (grams)
Packet of cigarettes 20g
E-liquid bottle 50g
Tin of tobacco 50g

T rail material = Clear PVC plastic
Divider material = Clear polycarbonate
Push feed material = Grey polycarbonate
Finish = Clear and grey
T rail length = 49.6cm
Weight = 4.5kg
Pack quantity = 1


1 shelf row, 2 shelf row, 3 shelf row, 4 shelf row, 5 shelf row, 6 shelf row, 7 shelf row, 8 shelf row, 9 shelf row, 10 shelf row


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