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Wall Mounted Digital Advertising Screen with audio, video and image ability


Wall Mounted Digital Advertising Screen with audio, video and image ability.

Digital poster draws attention with eye catching image or video slideshows.

Digital display board with premium 32″ and 43″ HD LCD panel and LED backlight.

32″ Black with Silver surround €1,312.21 + vat
43″ Black with Silver surround €2,376.55 + vat

Is a digital advertising screen right for my business ?
Create an incredibly modern and eye-catching display for any business with this Wall Mounted Digital Advertising Screen. Digital screen advertising allows you to seamlessly connect with customers using dynamic, eye-catching content. The screens are easy to operate via remote and support both image slideshows and videos, with or without audio. With its highly sophisticated appearance, this digital display board can really attract attention to your digital screen advertising.
What can digital advertising screens display ?
Our digital advertising screens are capable of showing both image slideshows and videos, with the option of playing audio through the built-in speakers. The advertising screens can even present images and videos simultaneously, thanks to its clever split screen capability. Simply create your content via PC or Mac, save your files to a USB stick and insert the USB to start your digital screen advertising, or transfer the files to the built-in storage. The digital poster display screen has settings which allow you to loop your presentation, or set an on/off timer so it only plays when required.
Where should the digital poster be fitted ?
This digital advertising screen is mains powered and suitable for indoor use only, making it ideal for use in retail and hospitality environments such as department stores, lobbies and receptions. This high-quality digital advertising screen will create an eye-catching display with a high impact, particularly in areas where a standard sign may not be noticed, such as in a busy shopping centre. It is fitted with two inbuilt speakers which allow you to play music, video or other audio, and it can be wall mounted at any height to suit your business, in your choice of portrait or landscape orientation.
What type of display does the digital poster use ?
This digital display board is available in either 32″ or 43″ sizes, which are each fitted with an LG TFT LCD panel. This slimline LCD panel has LED backlight with a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and 1200:1 contrast ratio, delivering crisp, clear images that will stand out and grab attention wherever you choose to place it.


32" Black with Silver surround, 43" Black with Silver surround


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