Six Assorted Brushed Stainless Steel Door Signs


Six assorted brushed stainless steel door signs with adhesive backing.
Great for internal door signs for toilets, smoking and directions.
Quick and easy to attach to doors without the need for tools.
Price €14.49 per set
What is included in the Stainless Steel Door Sign Multipack ?
Our Stainless Steel Door Sign Multipack includes six circular internal door signs. These brushed stainless steel signs look great and are clear and intuitive to understand. The pack includes a no smoking sign, an arrow and four toilet door signs for unisex toilets, disabled toilets and ladies’ and gents’ toilets.
How do I attach these internal door signs ?
These internal door signs are really quick and easy to install and look very professional. Simply remove the paper and use the strong adhesive backing to stick to your door.
Where can I use these metal door signs ?
The toilet door signs, arrows and no smoking signs are all ideal for use in any public environment, whether its an office complex, shopping centre or restaurant.
Material = Brushed stainless steel
Print colour = Black
Diameter = 100mm
Fixing method = strong Adhesive backed
Application = Indoor
Cleaning = Wipe clean with soap and water


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