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Shallow Wicker Display Tray


Shallow Wicker Display Tray

430mm Wide x 350mm Deep x 50mm High

*Shallow Wicker Display Tray for shelving or countertop displays

*The low sides allow for a variety of product types to be clearly displayed

*Manufactured from hand crafted wicker for a rustic and natural aesthetic

Buy one @ €31.10 + vat

Buy 3 Baskets @ €90.00 + vat

Buy 10 Baskets @ €300.00 + vat

€8.00 Nationwide Delivery

Why should I use a Shallow Wicker Display Tray ?
Create a rustic-style retail display with a warm, friendly feel by using our Shallow Wicker Tray Basket. It’s a great alternative to the traditional wicker basket styles, as the low rise edges allow you to ensure that your product is visible from all angles. This wicker tray suits many types of retailers, including supermarkets, bakeries, and homeware stores.
What can I display in the shallow wicker tray basket ?
You can display anything you like using one of these stylish shallow wicker trays, from pastries and fruit to craft items and cosmetics. Place at eye level on shelves and countertops to maximise the visibility of your displays.
What is the tray made from ?
Each basket is hand crafted using the finest wicker. Wicker is a great choice for businesses interested in sustainability, as it is a lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly material that can be reused.
Size (mm) W x H x D 430mm x 50mm x 350mm
Size (inches) W x H x D 16.92” x 1.96” x 13.77”
Material = Wicker
Weight = 1.69kg

Buy one, Buy 3 Baskets, Buy 10 Baskets


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