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Reliance Medical Glow in the Dark First Aid Kit Large


Reliance Medical Glow in the Dark First Aid Kit Large
code 1148941
Make sure you can always locate your first aid kit
This large first aid kit contains 2 x Conforming Bandages, 4 x Triangular Bandages, 2 x Burn Dressings, 4 x Eye Pad Dressings, 4 x Finger Dressings, 6 x HSE Medium Dressings, 4 x HSE Large Dressings, 3 x Adult Foil Blankets, 12 x Pairs of Gloves, 1 x Guidance Leaflet, 100 x Assorted Washproof Plasters, 2 x Resuscitation Face Shields, 1 x Shears, 3 x Tapes, 40 x Microporous Cleansing Wipes.
In an emergency, the last thing you want to do is struggle and panic as to where your first aid kit is. With our large, glow in the dark kit, you won’t have too.
The fresh new box design features colour-coded, embossed, and screen-printed lids. The new graphics stand out from a distance, enabling quick identification in an emergency, especially in a busy workplace. Compact and convenient, the integral bracket allows easy placement and fixing.
The quantities and sizes of first aid kits to be used in a workplace environment should be determined by the number of people on site and the category of hazard they are exposed to.


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