One Way Sign Floor Vinyls for directing customer flow


One Way Sign Floor Vinyls for directing customer flow

Keep customers and staff safer by aiding social distancing

Anti-slip coating and self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

Price €9.90
or a box of 10 for €90.00
or a box of 20 for €170.00

Where can I use these One Way Sign Floor Vinyls ?

These circular floor vinyls are designed for use on smooth, flat floors and are ideal for directing customer flow to aid social distancing, which can help keep customers and staff safer. They measure 40cm in diameter.

How do I apply the one-way floor signs?

These One Way System Sign Vinyl Floor Stickers need to be applied to a clean, smooth surface. They are easily applied, simply by removing the backing and pressing them into place. The surface of the one way floor signs is textured with a micro-hexagon structured pattern which gives them an R10 anti-slip rating.

Size = 400mm x 400mm
Material = Vinyl
Fixing material = Self adhesive
Thickness = 150 micron
Surface = Micro-hexagon structured
Anti-slip rating = R10
Slip angle = 10-19 degrees
Recommended for Smooth flooring only
Lamination required = No
Textured = Yes
Semi permeable = Yes
Product type = Semi-permanent
Waterproof = yes
Washable = yes


box of 10, box of 20, One


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