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Magnetic Ceiling Hook for attaching to suspended ceiling bars


Magnetic Ceiling Hook for attaching to suspended ceiling bars

Ideal for hanging posters and banners from your suspended ceiling

Magnetic ceiling hooks available in varying sizes to suit different sized displays,

32mm magnetic Ceiling hook €2.16
47mm magnetic Ceiling hook €2.75
63mm magnetic Ceiling hook €3.48

What is the Magnetic Ceiling Hook used for ?

A Magnetic Ceiling Hook is used to hang point of sale signage by attaching easily to magnetic ceiling surfaces and providing a hanger support for your suspended poster and banner displays. Use nylon line to attach your displays to the hooks, or attach them directly to the hooks themselves.

The maximum hold of the magnetic hook depends on a number of factors, including the condition of the surface you are mounting to, the products it will be supporting and where it is placed.

What size is the magnetic hook available in ?

Our Magnetic Ceiling Hooks are available in three different sizes: 32mm, 47mm and 63mm. The size of the magnetic hooks signifies the increase in strength of the magnets. If you wish to suspend a considerable weight, we recommend trialling each size of the Magnetic Ceiling Hook beforehand, in order to ensure that the product is suitable for your needs.

Diameter = 32mm, 47mm or 63mm
Base depth = 1cm
Wire / hook diameter = 3.5mm
Finish = White


32mm magnetic Ceiling hook, 47mm magnetic Ceiling hook, 63mm magnetic Ceiling hook €3.48


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