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High impact Illuminated LED Poster Kit in 4 sizes A1, A2, A3 & A4


Our new A4 High impact Illuminated LED Poster Kit for indoor displays.
Available in A4, A3, A2, & A1 sizes,
Illuminated edge frames your image perfectly for a modern and clear look’
Built-in energy efficient LEDs save up to 60% on energy costs.
A4 Silver €105.58
A3 Silver €174.88
A3 Black €174.88
A2 Silver €241.80
A2 Black €241.80
A1 Silver €379.48
A1 Black €379.48
Features and benefits of an LED Illuminated Wall Mount Poster Kit
A mains powered LED Illuminated Wall Mount Poster Kit is a fantastic way to update your current poster frames. The built-in LEDs will make your promotion, offer, message or artwork stand out to both your staff and customers. The kit is available with a choice of silver or black frame to suit your business style and decor. Custom sizes are available on request.
Is this LED poster frame back-lit ?
Yes, your posters will shine out as they are backlit. The bevelled edges will also reflect the light all around for a highly professional finish to draw customers in.
Can I get this product with printed posters ?
Yes, this LED light panel frame is also available with custom printed posters. After purchase, we’ll send you a link to upload your artwork for printing. Your artwork will be printed on Duratrans film to give a great finish ideal for backlit posters.
What is the LED Poster Kit made of ?
The poster panel is made of acrylic. We insist on quality as it makes you look superb, so we precision cut the acrylic with a laser and round the corners for a smoother more sophisticated feel. The wall mount fixings are anodised so they have a stylish satin effect. The unit is mains powered and supplied with all necessary fixings and a 3m cable.
How do I update my graphic ?
The stand offs unscrew from the panels to place your graphic in between the two pieces of acrylic. The unit is designed with clear plastic clips to secure your graphic in place.
Can the Poster Kit be mounted landscape and portrait ?
Yes, the LED Poster Kit comes complete with smart anodised wall mount screws so that your can choose to mount landscape or portrait. The cables are positioned so that they are not visible when used in either orientation.
What is the power of the LED poster kit ?
The illuminated poster kit is mains powered at 18 Watts 1.44 AMP.
What kind of paper should I use for my print ?
For back lit displays we always recommend using Duratrans.
Duratrans is short for durable transparency and is a photographic image that has a translucent base for backlit displays. Duratrans Inserts create an ultra-sharp high resolution photographic image as the material allows just the right amount of light to pass through from behind to illuminate and enhance your graphic.

A1, A2, A3, A4


Black, Silver


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