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Grocery Basket “Shopping” in willow, plaited


Grocery Basket “Shopping” in willow, plaited
*Strongly interwoven
aluminium frame with 2 foldable handles
*Made of limed willow
Number of handles = 2 foldable handles
Dimensions = 460mm x 280mm x 220mm
Material = whitewashed wicker
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A sturdy basket made of limed willow. It is comfortable to carry via 2 aluminium handles. An ideal shopping companion for organic markets, farm shops or the weekly grocery shopping. Stably woven, this basket can withstand the daily stress very well.
This willow basket is ideal for many uses.
Willow makes it a better basket……..
Willow baskets are a bit heavier than fine weave rattan, reed, and bamboo, but that’s exactly what gives the basket its superior cargo carrying ability. You can feel the quality the moment you pick up a basket made from willow.

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