Gravity food dispenser is supplied with a base for counter standing


Our new Gravity food dispenser is supplied with a base for counter standing

Ideal for dispensing dried food such as nuts, pasta and sweets

Zero waste food dispenser promotes packaging-free, responsible retail practices

6 litres €128.97
10 litres €138.82
13 litres €144.88

What is a gravity food dispenser ?

A Gravity Food Dispenser, also known as a gravity bin, is a self serve style of food holder which is ideal for a zero waste or refill shop. They are refilled from the top, which makes sure your products are dispensed in a first in, first out manner. This model is our new improved design, with a slimline width to save on horizontal space, a robust construction, and an easy to remove label holder.

Do I need a zero waste food dispenser ?

If you are setting up a zero waste shop, or an existing business making steps to reduce the environmental impact caused by your packaging waste, you will need a convenient and food safe way to store dry food for your customers to dispense. Promote responsible retail practices with unpackaged products and appeal to green customers by using our refillable gravity dispensers.

Is the the gravity bin safe for use with food ?

Our Gravity Food Dispenser is designed to be suitable for holding food. Each gravity bin is manufactured from food safe, BPA free clear PCTG. Another benefit of gravity bins is the fact that the units simply require the lever to be depressed in order to release goods, meaning customer’s don’t need to directly touch the food. This makes our gravity bins a great option for hygienic food dispensing.

How do I install the food dispenser ?

This zero waste food dispenser is supplied complete with a bolt fixing so that you can fix it securely to your countertop using the central back fixing hole on the base of the unit. The dispenser base also has two extra front fixing holes which you can use to add extra security, but fixings are not supplied for these.

Are there any alternative self serve dispensers ?

A different option for your zero waste refill shop is our Scoop Bin Food Dispenser which permits customers to scoop up the exact quantity of products that they need into reusable or recyclable containers or paper bags. We also stock a Wall Mounted Gravity Food Dispenser.

Please see photo gallery for specifications.


6 litres, 10 litres, 13 litres


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