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Energy-saving Backlit Double Sided Hanging Snap Frames for promotional displays.


Our new Energy-saving Backlit Double Sided Hanging Snap Frames for promotional displays, ideal for hanging window double displays, can be seen from inside & outside,

Attract maximum attention to messages with LED ceiling hanging posters,

Backlit LED Double-Sided Snap Frames available in A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0 sizes.

Where can I use Double Sided Hanging Snap Frames?

Attract the maximum amount of attention to your promotional posters by using a stunning double-sided LED backlit frame. These double-sided hanging snap frames are available in A0, A1, and A2 sizes and have a slim profile designed to create a minimalistic, space-saving display. They are perfect for use in areas with a high volume of traffic, such as large retail stores, takeaway restaurants, clinics, hospitals, train stations, shopping centers, and much more.

Posters that are hung from a ceiling are able to be seen from a greater distance compared to wall-mounted posters, and can also be seen from many angles within your store. When you add an LED backlight to your displays, this makes them even more eye-catching and almost impossible for customers to miss.

How does this LED frame for ceiling hanging posters differ from others?

Your graphics can be easily updated thanks to the snap frame design, which simply clicks open and shut to allow you to slide your posters in and out. These frames also allow you to change the orientation of your displays as you wish, as there are hanging points on both the top and side of the unit.

The LED backlight is powered by plugging the frame into the mains using the cable provided. This means that your display can remain illuminated at all times, without the fear of batteries running out of power. Our energy-saving, low voltage LEDs provide even illumination across your poster and can save you up to 60% on energy costs compared to other LED lighting options.

Can you supply printed posters for use with the LED frame?

Yes, we do offer a printing service for this product. Simply select the printed posters option using the drop-down boxes. Your posters will be printed onto two pieces of Duratrans paper, which is designed to be used with LED backlit signs.


A4 without 2 printed posters, A4 with 2 printed posters, A3 without 2 printed posters, A3 with 2 printed posters, A2 without 2 printed posters, A2 with 2 printed posters, A1 without 2 printed posters, A1 with 2 printed posters, A0 without 2 printed posters, A0 with 2 printed posters


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