Curved Wooden Menu Sign Holder available in A4 & A5 sizes


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What can I use the Curved Wooden Menu Sign Holder for ?
The modern and eye-catching Curved Wooden Menu Sign Holder is perfect for use in pubs and restaurants to display menus, offers and promotions to customers at tables. The wooden frame gives it a rustic feel, while the curved shape offers a modern edge, creating a perfect mix of styles for food and drink establishments. These sign holders are also suitable for use in retail settings or in any commercial environment.
To insert your posters, you simply slide them into the PET plastic pocket then slide the pocket into the grooves on the wooden columns.
What is this table menu stand made from ?
The Curved Wooden Menu Sign Holder is made from beech plywood and comes with a clear PET plastic insert. The wood frame has a lacquered finish, making it resistant to food and drink spillages. It is available in A4 or A5 sizes.
Is the curved poster double sided ?
Although the curved clear panel of the sign holder is double sided, one side of your sign will be slightly more difficult to see. The reverse side is still perfectly usable for your displays, but you should be aware that, due to the panel shape, it bends slightly back on itself.

A4, A5


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