Curved Aluminium Sign Holder available in A4 Size


Curved aluminium sign holder with removable cover for easy updates are available in A6 & A5 sizes.
Self adhesive sign holder ideal for changeable office door signs.
Print your own sign inserts or let us do it for you.
What is a curved aluminium sign holder ?
This sign holder features an attractive convex sign face with a satin anodised aluminium frame and removable polycarbonate transparent front cover to protect your signage. The curved signs are extremely durable and supplied with strong double sided tape applied to the reverse for an easy fixing self adhesive sign holder.
These signs are available in A5 and A6 sizes, and can be used in both landscape or portrait orientations.
What are the benefits of using aluminium door sign holders ?
The curved aluminium sign holder is suitable for installing on walls or doors, and allows for an easy self-change of signs whenever required. This makes it popular for areas where directional signs or door signs may need regular updates, such as in pop-up offices, universities and hospitals.
Please see photo gallery for specifications.



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