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A1 Weatherproof Waterbase Pavement Sign


A1 with no posters supplied €265.32 + vat

A1 with 2 x Waterproof / Crinkle proof posters supplied €315.00 + vat

Features and benefits of a Weatherproof Pavement Sign
A Weatherproof Pavement Sign ensures your promotions stay looking their best whatever the weather. This premium forecourt sign features a watertight seal behind the cover sheet to prevent the ingress of rain, making it our most weather resistant pavement sign yet. It also has a snap frame mechanism, stylish square corners, heavy duty springs, a water base and protective rubber covers over the springs, also providing a streamlined display.
How weather resistant is this sign ?
This forecourt sign is our most weather resistant sign. It includes a protective watertight seal, two clear PVC covers and heavy duty springs with rubber enclosures. For outdoor use, we always recommend the use of waterproof posters due to their tougher qualities.
Is the waterproof pavement sign double sided ?
Yes, it is double sided meaning you can display two promotions at once on one compact footprint.
How do I replace the posters ?
The display sign is fitted with a snap frame mechanism which clamps down the edges of your posters and holds the clear plastic cover in place. To replace the posters, you unclip the snap frame, switch the poster, replace the plastic cover and snap the frame shut again.
What paper can I use for my posters ?
We recommend that all outdoor display signs are used with waterproof posters to prevent the crinkling that occurs when paper posters are used.
Poster size = A1
Overall size W x H x D
75.5cm x 116.5cm x 50.5cm
Visual area W x H 58.5cm x 83cm
Base size W x D 75.5cm x 17cm x 50.5cm
Empty weight = 16kg
Full weight = 41.5kg
Frame material = Aluminium and plastic
Frame thickness 40mm
Base water capacity = 25kg
Frame type = Snap frame
Poster fitting = Yes
Poster covers = Yes
Double sided ? = Yes
Base type = Water-base
Wheels = Yes

A1 with no posters supplied, A1 with 2 x vinyl waterproof/crinkleproof posters printed and supplied


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