A standard Tagging Gun for attaching labels to your products,


A standard Tagging Gun for attaching labels to your products,
A kimble gun makes joining and tagging products quick and easy
The Kimble Tagging Gun has a plastic safety cap attached,
Kimble gun and needle €16.99
What is a Kimble Gun with Needle used for?
Our Tagging Gun and Needle in standard gauge is perfect for ensuring your tagging process is smooth and effortless. A Tagging Gun, also known as a kimble gun, is ideal for various applications including attaching plastic fasteners, price tags, tickets and more to products. These kimble guns are also often used to join products together in packs, and as a tagging gun for clothes. It includes pistol grip and handy needle guard, supplied with one needle to get you started. A kimble gun is an essential tool for all retailers.
How do you use a Tagging Gun for retail ?
Ensure the needle is secured into the kimble gun before inserting the needle through both the product tag and your product. Depress the pistol grip lever to release the paddle tag or kimble hook from the tagging gun, leaving your product tags attached to the products. To replace the needle, simply turn the small needle lock on the side of the tagging gun to release it, insert a new one and turn the needle lock again to secure it.
Do you sell replacement needles to suit the kimble gun ?
Yes, we also sell a pack of 5 replacement needles for our Tagging Gun.
Finish = Green with grey lever
Needle size = Standard
Needle diameter = 1.9mm
Pack quantity = 1 Gun


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