A double sided aluminium Sign Panel Pavement Sign


A double sided aluminium Sign Panel Pavement Sign

Increase your footfall and attract trade with outdoor advertising

Panel slots easily into the recycled PVC base for a secure display,

Finished Unbranded, white both sides €90.00

Finished With your custom artwork both sides €155.00

Features and benefits of a Sign Panel Pavement Sign

Introducing a pavement sign is a cost effective way to boost your footfall by promoting your offers, promotions or events outside of your business. Your sign will stand out to both pedestrians and drivers to attract a broader scope of customers. A Sign Panel Pavement Sign is a great option for outdoor advertising due to your branding, offers or promotions being printed directly onto the panel, eliminating the worry of paper posters crinkling or being ruined by wet weather.

What is the Sign Panel made of ?

The panel is manufactured from aluminium which is supplied white but can be printed onto both sides to create double sided advertising. The base is manufactured from recycled PVC with a diameter of 42cm.

How does the panel fit into the base ?

The aluminium panel is designed to slot directly into your base. This creates a simple no tools required assembly for an instant display solution.

How do I move my pavement sign ?

The recycled PVC base is designed with handles so that the sign can easily be picked up and moved to a new location or brought in at the end of the day.

What is the printable graphic area ?

The printable area on the aluminium panel measures 41cm W x 74cm H. The overall panel size is 41cm W x 78cm H. The top corners have a radius of 50mm. We can print the same message on both sides, or we can print two different messages on each side to suit your requirements.

I just need to replace my panel, not the base, do you sell replacement panels ?

Yes, we have two panel replacement options. Choose from a plain white panel for you to print your own graphic onto or choose a branded panel which comes with your artwork on both sides.

Printable Area W x H = 41cm x 74cm
Overall Size W x H = 42 x 79cm
Base Size W x D = 62 x 14 x 74.5cm
Weight = 6.7kg
Panel Material= Aluminium
Poster Fitting = No, it’s a printed panel
Poster Covers = N/A
Double Sided = Yes
Base Type = Recycled PVC
Wheels = No


Finished Unbranded, white both sides €90.00, Finished With your custom artwork both sides €155.00


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