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58 Piece Lockout Tagout Kit


Do you work in dangerous electrical environments and need an added layer of security ? Well, our lockout tagout kits can help address electrical and mechanical hazards, and reduce the risk of injuries. This 58 Piece lockout device will combine to protect the workplace and improve security.
Quality Padlocks for Security: Get ready to experience our 14 high-quality padlocks that lock dangers with a breeze. These locks are non-conductive and corrosion-resistant thanks to their steel shackles, PA bodies, and zinc alloy cylinders. Each padlock comes with 2 keys; one to use daily and a spare.
Corrosion-proof Lockout Station: This wall-mounted PP station has good chemical resistance and is quite strong. It comes with hooks and compartments that can easily and safely store various lockout tagout devices, such as padlocks, hasps, and tags. Besides, the lockout station has a lockable transparent cover, preventing dust and thievery.
User-friendly Hasps & Tags: Everything you could ever want is included in your new set! This safety loto kit includes 6 lockout hasps, and the 6-hole design allows up to 6 workers to lock out a single energy source. PVC writable tags can be labeled with information for the hazard. The situation is under control now!
Above and Beyond Applications: Lockout tagout kits are used to shut down or lock dangerous machinery during maintenance work, ensuring no harm comes to workers. It is a necessary addition to machinery, electrical equipment, industrial work, etc.


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