5,000 Paddle Tags for use with our tagging gun.


5,000 Paddle Tags for use with our tagging gun,
A simple way to label garments and other items,
Supplied in boxes of 5,000
4cm Paddle Tags x 5,000 €10.94
Paddle Tags, otherwise known as kimble tags, are for use in tagging guns and they are a simple and cost effective way to attach prices and brand labels to your products. These nylon tags can also be used to join items together for display, such as a set of gloves. Kimble gun tags are widely used across the retail sector on a variety of items from clothing to soft furnishings.
What size are the retail Paddle Tags ?
The paddle tagging barbs are 40mm in length, as well as being easy and hassle-free to use with a kimble gun.
What are the Paddle Tags manufactured from ?
The kimble tags are manufactured from strong nylon, ensuring they will not be removed easily and are supplied in boxes of 5000.
Length = 4cm
Finish = Clear
Material = Nylon
Pack quantity = 5000
Suits product =Tagging gun

4cm Paddle Tags x 5,000 €10.94


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