22ltr shopping basket in four different colours


22ltr Plastic shopping baskets available in a variety of colours,

Make it easier for your customers to buy more items,

Designed with a robust carry handle to hold up to 30kg of products,

Buy one Basket in any colour €7.49 + vat

Buy Ten Baskets in any colours €69.99 + vat

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What size is the Shopping Basket ?

This plastic basket measures 40.5 x 27.5cm across and is 22.5cm deep. It holds up to 22 litres of shopping and is strong enough to support up to 30kg of products.

What features does the Plastic Shopping Basket have ?

Our Shopping Basket is made from tough plastic and has two strong black carrying handles. The stackable design means spare baskets can be stored neatly in your store using one of our Shopping Basket Stackers.

What colours are available ?

These stackable baskets are available in four classic colours – black, red, blue and green – but we can make them in nearly any colour to match your store branding.

Maximum capacity = 22 litres
Maximum weight = 30 kg
Maximum length = 40.5cm
Maximum height = 22.5cm
Maximum width = 27.5cm
Base length = 32.5cm
Base width = 20cm
Stackable = Yes
Standard colours = Blue, Red, Green, Black
Custom colours = Available to order


Red basket, Black basket, Blue basket, Green basket


1 Baskets, 10 Baskets, 100 Baskets


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