Thor Nylon Hammer, 570g, Wood Shaft, Replaceable Head


Thor Nylon Hammer, 570g, Wood Shaft, Replaceable Head
SKU: THO5270322Q
Equipped with two, one piece moulded, nylon striking faces, these hammers from Thor Hammer® are designed for longevity and customisation. Fitted with a chrome plated zinc head and completed by a robust wooden handle, the product can be adapted to suit your needs via the purchasing of varying striking faces, colour coded to help you select the correct hardness. Each hammer is designed for multi-purpose use and is constructed to a high standard.
Features and Benefits…..
• Double striking face design allows for double the product longevity.
• Product can be customised with the purchase of varying hardness striking faces depending on your required application.
• Faces are designed to wear and to be replaced by hand quickly and easily when worn down.
• All faces are one piece moulded for durability and overall product longevity.
• Threaded, screw-on faces possess no metal pegs or inserts that could damage the workpiece when worn, protecting your workpiece.
• Serrations in the metal head work to prevent the faces from coming loose when using the product to keep you safe.
• All faces possess a shoulder that offers extra strength as well as helping to prevent fracture that comes from misdirected blows.
• Replacement faces and handles can be purchased separately to adapt the tool to your needs and keep it working to an optimum level.
Typical Applications
• Engineering
• Construction
• Assembly
• Camping


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